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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Hi Fashionista..

Let me start with one questions to you.. Do you ever doubting about the look of the outfit you are trying during your shopping time? Then you decided yeah.. I will come back later to buy it because you still want to look something that would look much better on you? Then, when you return home you are regret of not buying those item.Then, the next day you decided to return back to the shop but apparently the item you really want to buy is totally finish. GONE.. MEANS NO MORE.. Hahaha..Such a nightmare for not buying those item earlier rite?? 

So, is almost the same story ever happened to me the last 2 weeks ago. I was wanted to buy this skirt from the first time tried it on, then my head is playing around over and over again until i make a decision, yeah i will buy it later. Things became worst after that because i could not get over the beauty of that skirt and it keep playing on my head for the entire night. I decided to go again to this shop and... Owhhh no.. Shit. I could not find it anywhere.

So the same, i repeatedly went over and over again in few several days in a row to this shop in a hope they maybe have mixed it somewhere between the erea. Another one is also because during that week they were throwing and selling only €1 on every single clothing/accessories/handbag they are have on stock. What??? With €1? What can we buy with €1 nowadays? Yes.. It was. Really. I bought this skirt at €1 on the last day of their promotion. I was lucky enough to find this skirt again.

It great for either casual/formal wear (depending on how i pair this skirt with), it super comfortable and came with a super great length. Enough to keep me warm in this cold weather because this skirt are made with a high quality 50% Cotton + 50% thin wool. Excuse if i give a wrong information on the fabric because the label is written in Japanese words. So, this are the transformation i have made over this skirt. sneakers, pull over,biker jacket so i can have the casual look on me to school. Hihi..So, next time i will never think twice for €1 promotion at this shop. What do you think about this look? Was the skirt look expensive on me? Or still €1 look? Haha. I will let you decide. 


I am wearing : Pull Over by Pullandbear, Skirt ; Classic vintage by Thinktwice, Biker Jacket : Zara,
Eyewear ; Fendi, Shawl ; Vintage MeltingPotKiloShop BXl

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