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Sunday, November 1, 2015


It was just a last minute plan between me and Emma yesterday. She wanted to see a friend of her and at the same time i was also confused with my on going plan. Supposedly i am going to Ethno Fashion Tendance but due to some reason.. I am cancelling the plan and here i go! I went to Brugges yesterday. Haha.. Of course we both having a great time together as usual we went to do little window shopping, little site walk, then yeah!! Photo making too!

Little selfie wont hurt anybody

Sweet moment 

of Beautiful grandmother and Granddaughter
Emma with her new Bvlgari Shades

Classy And always trendy
Beautiful Brugges Centre
Clear blue sky on Fall

Apa ade hal? Haha
Happy me 

This 2 girls i have meet inside the tram when i was on my way back to Tervuren. Seeing at their difficulties to touch up their face for their night out halloween party and with just a little approached by telling them i am a little artist,  Look!! As a theme spooky dead twin.. What do you think of the look i have made for them? Hihi..

By the way, if you might have seen on my previous post on how i style my minimal vintage dress with my maxi long black cardigan? So, basically this time i would like to share with all of you how another mix and match game can bring another different look onto this vintage dress. In case you are lazy to clicking the link below, take a look bit of this picture

Interesting enough to see another look transformation on what i have created over this piece?? So, basically i just tuck in my over sized vintage sweater on top of that over sized dressand there you go! As simple as that. At first i am kind a not sure if i can able to walk proudly by wearing this outfit. Confusing myself over the look, i made 2 times changes when i was inside my dressing room. I dont know.. It was little bit extraordinary vs weird but i take this as an fashion experiment. If you like it you can take that as an inspiration but if you don't, do not be bother with my sense of fashion. Anyway for me, i am keeping this look. I like it because it look fresh, different and i have never seen anyone yet does this kind of style by putting on over sized sweater on top of a midi over sized cut dress. At the end of the day, doesn't look like a dress anymore.. Maybe now a skirt? Believe it or not that sweater cost me only at €1, so the same as the dress. thinktwiceleuven

The rest were all the same mix and match 
Sneakers : Nike Aiforce1, Sweater : Vintage ThinkTwice,
Dress : Vintage by ThinkTwice, Glasses : Fendi Eyewear, Watches : Fossil,
Tote Handbag : MichealKors, Socks : PaulFrank by Veritas 

Emma Wearing 
Coat : Zara, Pants : Zara, 
Handbag : Chanel Flap, Shades : Bvlgari, Shawl : By Only, 
Belt : Gucci, Shoes : RiverWoods 

So guys, until the next time!! xx