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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I am so lucky because at the moment mostly i am enjoying my evening time sleeping little bit late, editing some of my pictures for my blog spot, working on little bit more on my instagram to gain more followers. Since i have not been doing it much for the past 1 month ago i felt like my modesty on my fashion life felt apart. Without doing much writing i felt like my heart is just about to stop beating. LOL. What the hell is that? Hahahaha.. It may sound crazy but i am pretty sure.. Blogging are now became one of my daily drug dose. I cannot live without it anymore.

Hey guys, first take a look at the tittle. Hihihi.. Mom jeans, singlet camisole, boyfriend shirt.. I am sure this are one of basic stuff that everyone had on their closet. Especially girls within age of 15-29 who preferred to be simple, quick and easy without have to groom them self to much to meet out their friends during day time or even night time. This kind of outfit remind me how youngster during early 90s dress up, even when i watch this Sex in The City drama series the other day.. Obviously SJP kind a inspired me to create this look on and on again. The camisole wear, hihihi.. Made mostly as a pyjama but for me.. This time i cannot. Too hot outside at the moment. So i have to be 'naked' a little bit. Hahahahahaha.. Sorry guys nothing new here. All stuffs are just my mix and match game. But in case is hard for you to find mom jeans at the store lately.. CLICK HERE
This tank top the exactly what i had you can find it here.

Then, that boyfriend shirt.. Either you use your boy/husband/uncle/father/grandfather shirt or you buy it yourself at the man clothing store or lately is became a trend everywhere at women clothing store selling.. Boyfriend cuts jeans, or even boyfriend shirt, or even boyfriend cut g-string. Hahahahha.. Either you believe it or not, go and make a research. Hahahaha.. The last touch i made to this look is that denim vintage jacket. This are one of the item Ive bought during my vintage shopping the other day at Melting Pot kilo shop in Brussels. I love how the slogan at the back part of the jacket with some of yellow line on top of the words. So unique, special and entirely fit my style. Hihihi.. Why not then? So, do you prefer this simple idea or not?

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