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Saturday, August 27, 2016


To some stalkers, who are kind a big and juicy.. Hahaaha.. You are must have been waiting and can't wait for this article to be up. I have made promised on my Instagram page the other day to reveal some of my secret of how did I lost plenty of weight since a year ago. Big achievement I've ever made so far. Imagine from 58 kg and by now my weight drastically went down to 47 kg. This are the actual weight how it used to be before I got pregnant 3 yrs ago. uhhhhhh.. To be honest I never took any diet supplement or any diet pills at all. So, if you wondering how did I do that, here are some easy steps that you may can follow. 

1) If you are on highest stress level emotionally/physically it better be. Hahaha..This are one of the tips and it works well for me because the more I am stress the lesser I ate. Yeah.. But this situation are also depends on how do you handle the situation of your stress . For some peoples, they could've eating more when they are on stress. Crazy ehhh? But the truth fact I am stress because I have been dealing with lots of things included motherhood, job searching, my Dutch classes, exam, blogging, etc.. So all in one came together. Isn't it pffftttttt? Hahaha 

2) I ate less rice. I thought this are one of the reason why Asian people's are getting more and more big this days. Doesn't mean it wasn't good at all. Rice contain karbohidrat which to produces energy for you to work and basic dose for your daily life. But imagine if you don't work, seat at home, doing nothing less other than gaming, online on your fb 24/7.. Where should all the carbohydrates gone too? Hahahahaha of coz became the fats which cannot be burn because of your laziness. Lol. Big momma, even big momma in that big momma movie stil works. If you know what I means. Ate less rice, put give protein and vitamin on your foods for your body. 

3) I don't eat much during night time. One of the discipline I always tried to kept for myself. Sometimes I've cheated on it. I did it when I only need it. Even when I do eat, but I don't eat junk/unhealthy foods which contains lots of fats but I take fruit during night time. Fruit is healthy no? 

4) Some of my tips to be continue on my next articles.. Stay tuned 😘😘

So, let's talk about how I paired and style my culottes pant the other day. So far, this pant is became one of my favourite outfit to pair with my mix and match games. 

From my casual and daily wear at work until became my daily/night outfit when I am going out with my family and friends. I can easily transform the pieces I want to any type of look I want. Because is been measured as an high waist fitting, this time easily I paired it with  with my crop top. See how this outfit works. It gave a simple look  but at the same time sexy and super stylish and elegant. Not to forget.. I put on my black wedges and my black tote Micheal Kors handbag to make it look I am going for a little outing with my friendsduring day time. Hihihi I hope is not to much (in your opinion) to wear crop top during day time. Incase I am attending some special formal event, i just gonna switch my handbag with without print blue/yellow clutch and the same time with a stiletto. Yellow or blue doesn't matter. It can always be good together. Being sleepy and bored of reading my articles? Ahhhh damn! Hopefully not coz otherwise I am.. My blogspot I dead without any reader. Hey stay tuned for my next look with this culottes. 

Culottes : Zara 
Crop top : Zara 
Wedges :River Island 
Handbag : Micheal Kors 
Shades : Rayban aviator replica from veritas 
Cardigan : Melvin 
Brown shoes : ThinktwiceLeuven