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Tuesday, August 23, 2016


I've told ya. I've bought lots of pink colour stuff this season. This are one of them and believe it or not, this beautiful ruffles pink pastel dress cost me only €3. Simply gorgeous and beautiful in term of the quality and fabric. Made from a good quality chiffon fabric and I can see the finishing line of this piece. It has been carefully sewed and there not even a single crack all around the sewing line. If you're a sewer, you will know how complicated it is to sew a fabric made from chiffon. 

This kind a dress is always on go  for a tea/coffee time, dinner, date out with my loves one, or even little picnic outing at the beach, park, wedding party.. Btw to say this can be anything for casual and formal. It always depends on how I match this piece with another different combination of outfit. But this time, I just want it to be easy and simple. I've put on my white sneakers, my 'ulatbuku' glasses, then that Pastel Blue Micheal Kors glasses. Is weird to see my face with that glasses. See the picture below. Damn not delicious at all. Hahahaha. The cheeks so fat! 



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