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Friday, August 19, 2016


So, this are some of the stories how i style my whole entire outfit to work last Saturday. I put on my vintage denim jacket just as a main layer whenever i felt little bit windy and fresh. During last week, the weather temperatures are little bit drop to minimum of 18 degree. This jacket is such a cute, beautiful creature and i cannot say no to this piece when the first time i saw it. Take it or leave it baby. But vintage second hand stuff didn't cost much. Ive only paid €9 for it. Thick on the material, and came with a beautiful detail on the fabric as well the design are some of the reason attract me of not letting this piece go.

I find it is little too sexy on the dress i have put on the other day, again i layered it with my denim long sleeves shirt just because i want it to look as casual, simple but yet fashionable as it can. Then, i noticed is a basic print less dress. Is an extra bonus for me to mix it that long sleeve denim shirt because it came with a beautiful ethnic tribal embroidery at the back side of the shirt. At the end some interesting point and not too boring for you no?? I am hoping that this outfit can give some inspiration to everyone of you and suit your taste. 


The Adidas Superstar Slip on is one of my last role to complete my look. Ive bought it a week ago from the online website. Click the link to see more information about this slip on. It super comfortable, doesn't leave any hard, pain mark on my legs since the first day i worn it. You know i can walk even quicker with this slip on because this shoe doesn't weight any much as how i expect. I bet is because of the material of the slip on itself. With soft elastic band wrapping all around the front and the back side of the slips on, i am pretty sure i wont left my slips on behind if there a dog trying to chase after me from behind. LOL! Just i have to be more careful and taking care of the conditions of the colour. Is white and can easily get dirt on it.

Is crazy if i wear this dress without any extra layer at work no? Sorry that black color bra shouldn't be showed. Tried to hide it but still didn't work. So, how do you think of my entire outfit look? Hey do not forget you can pair this dress with even pair of high heel, boots, pump, stiletto so then it gave more proper result on which look you want it to be.

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