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Saturday, August 20, 2016


Got sick almost all the time pink, pink, pink, and pink. Non stop pink color outfit on my wardrobe during this season. I have lots more other new pink outfit i would like to reveal and hopefully i can manage to have the photo taken before the season is over. See, i have an older sister of pink color been name as maroon. Hahahaha.. ¨Hey maroon!! So far, at this moment you're one of my favourite color and hopefully i can easily find you in many clothing stores in long term future¨. Hihihih..

I am so sorry, technically i cannot explain what kind of material this top have been made of. I can usually detect what kind of fabric in each type of pieces i bought, but for this time.. Is hard to explain. Maybe some of fabric expert can help me with it? Lol.. More like a knit, but is not knit at all, and not even close to crochet at all. Something i have never seen in my entire whole life. Entirely hand made because i can the whole detail inside aren't made from a machine at all. Huh..

But this piece kind a hot/warm to be wear during summer. I suggest is only good during spring, winter and fall. But i was on the right time last week when the weather is little bit fresh and cold, i took an opportunity to pair this piece with my grandma high waist cut short pants. As simple as this, i pair it then with my Adidas slip on sneakers, pastel blue MK tote handbag and to complete the look of coz my glasses and 1 side hair braid. How is it?? Am i look cold like an ice? or Hot like a fire?? Hahahahaa.. Damn!

Anyway sorry, kind a late now. I have to sleep because tomorrow i have to work. Shit! Maybe i will put and edit some more on weekend for some recommendation of where you can have that high waist booty cut grandma denim short pants and of coz that little maroon top/sweater/knit what so ever the name is. Until tomorrow then. Happy weekend. xx