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Friday, February 20, 2015


As i have already been using this product for 2 years yet within those 2 years I've keep myself trying to use another product.. But still, I ended and return back to my this sweet 'soulmate'... pure active intensive scrub by garnier. What ever for some people said, the more we paid the better the result.. Maybe yes... I agree on it.. sometimes it can be true... But in my case I don't need sk-11 or Chanel or what so ever tip top luxuries label in the market nowadays.

When I first using my 'soulmate' it was the best feeling I ever  like me myself imagining I was in the 5 star spa resort having my entire facial massage with the best massager in this earth! Haha.. But actually in reality it wasn't because of the massager  ..but it was because of the scrub that contain in this product giving me the best feeling during the cleaning process... It seems like this scrub it work effectively and cleaning my face deeply inside my skin!! It is rough and hard but I think the harder the feeling the better.. It clean more.. After all it was the best time ever.. Feeling so fresh, super duper hygienically clean. For those who have always using body scrub product for their body wash,  I am highly recommend you to try this product. U won't regret.. Even if u regret, u don't have to cry all day long because this product cost only €8.. Hahaha!!

This is the description I pull out from the pack behind. I've manage to translate it to English by using Google Translate. Haha.. :D

"The formula combines salicylic charcoal known for its cleansing and absorbing properties , re effectively reduces impurities and sebum. foamy texture contains exfoliating particles deep cleanse the skin and help to remove impurities" -

As far as I concern and I realised all the description return on the pack behind it matches exactly as how it mention, but of coz I did not expect myself to see the result in 1 day and my 'soulmate' is really giving me satisfaction to the highest level. Here is the picture that u may want to see and refer to if u consider want to give it a try. Good luck all! Xx 

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