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Monday, February 23, 2015


Since my life just turn up to be a real blogger, I have so much fun of examine myself of styling with different type of clothing, mix and match them in every different ways i want. Sometimes takes lots of guts and I am wasting too much time just to pick and mix!.. Hahaha.. And yes!!!I bet it happened to every women and men in this earth! It is crazy isn't it?

Hey for what I've wrote earlier did not happened to me yesterday. I have to be quick because I am so scared of loosing the sun. Decided to  just put on my green colourful vintage knit, tight, less heavy make up, and then I go! I'm off to have some weekend walk, eating my most Japanese favourite food sushi near the town for my lunch with my little girl.

Since my hubby is not around with me, so I have no choice of making and taking my own picture using my nice little iPhone5 connected to is with my little selfie stick and tripod! Hahaha..Check the picture below! Have fun all! Xx

What I Wore Yesterday :
Knitwear : vintage by MeltingPotKilo
Legging : Zara high waist
Handbag : Fully leather Guess suave quilted carryall bag
Sneakers : Nike Air Force 1
Winter jacket : by zara
Watches : Boyfriend pattern watches by Fossil