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Monday, February 16, 2015


Playing dress up some spring outfit today to visit my grandparents in Brussels. As the weather forecast showed today is going to be a sunny day. As i thought why not wearing those cloth.. haha but then end up shrinking myself to the bone. But never a failure always a lesson next time!!

Decided to put on myself my vintage 80s dress makmak i bought last 2 years  ago during my first visit in Paris. Only today had a chance to have worn them because this dress is one of the item i left in KL. Lucky enough i got it back during my holiday in KL!! Yay!!

Although is already been 2 years, but i still can remember the exact name of the shop. It call kilo-shop. It a second hand:vintage shop which is selling thousands of their item in kilo. variety kind of item from different type of label from women to men is all there!! It a place where i would call vintage heaven!! Basically i can just choose what i want, then i weight myself and then pay it at the counter!! as simple as that!!

Here is some picture of how i paired my vintage 80s dress by putting on some modern element in it. Maybe this could help you if inspired by having or buying this type of dress or you have some vintage outfit but yet you are not sure how to pick and mix! Or some for your spring look later!!

P/s : Hello your mini van is so beautiful just like your company name!! Here i throw u some beautiful picture of your mini van and giving you some free advertisement!!