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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Hey all,

Owhhh.. It was my first experience of going to the fabric expo in here. Hihi.. So, it was not of how i expected. I expect just like a normal ordinary shop in small room. But, owhhh.. It was something else. It was massive as big as 4times the size of a cinema theater room. Plenty of booths selling different type of fabric from nylon, leather, cotton, silk, suede and etc.. Just a perfect place to go for fabric hunting. Especially you.. Sewholic. Hihi.. My short sighted increase by many that day and yeah.. It hard for me to choose what to buy. But, still ive manage to catch something that i want since long ago. At the end of the day the value I've got it wasn't about the item I've purchased. But is more than that. It was an experience that i kept for myself and yet the experience that i can share to all of my reader. You want to know more about their coming next event?

Click this link : Stoffenspektakel agenda 

So, here are some of the photo I've manage to shoot the other day. Happy browsing xx