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Thursday, December 24, 2015


In a need for a new bag pack for my school, so the other day I was browsing around on the Internet to see any possibility if I can able to buy something which is not to conservative, trendy and yet at the same time.. I don't know.. Maybe can last longer in term of the quality?? So, I've crossed online at Zara website and I've seen something that maybe could fill my needed. But, knowing me online shopping isn't my thing. After that during the same week, I went to Zara outlet in Brussel Niuewstraat check through one by one their showcase rack. Yeah I was lucky. Still some left. So, you know what I've done after that. Haha.. 

So, here some of the picture I've manage to take earlier ago incase you are interested to see the detail of this bag pack. By the way this bag pack can able to fit least 2 thinner file folder size A4. This bag pack size just great for my body size, super convinience to carry around during my school time. Not heavy, and I can even place lots of my personal study stuff in that bag pack.