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Saturday, December 26, 2015


This is the outfit i have worn last weekend during my outing in Ghent.  I repeatedly wearing almost the same outfit like last  season since i didn't wear them frequently due to lot of problem. Hahaha. Such a nightmare. As an example, my faux leather pants. Due on my previous weight issue, i could not hold and wear it so much ever since i bought this pants 3 years ago. It is sad, but then recently i realized that i loose a lot of my body weight. It is getting much more easier for me to zip this pant. Last time, i have to hold my breathing for least for 3 minutes just to squeeze them on. Haha.. You know, every women problem

Lets talk about this over sized coat on my recent purchase from Thinktwice shop in Leuven. As i realized, the trend this season is all about the length of the coat. The longer the better, and can even be over on the sized too. On my previous experience buying coat that can just fit the size of my body it was not a great idea at all. After all i noticed it can be damn horrible on the fitting because at the end of the day, i still need to layering myself with thick knitwear/sweater inside. So, little bit over sized is ok because in the end.. Easy and convenience. Wait.. Before i forgotten..

For the cost of €1.. What do you think of this coat??  My friend told me this coat is incredibly beautiful inside and out. It doesn't suit with the price i have paid. She even asking the exact location of the shop and she wanted to try her luck.. You know, i cannot wait for their €1 day again.

The rest of my outfit detail

Faux leather pants - Zara
Sweater - Rabakz
White Shirt - Zara
Bagpack - Zara
Sneakers - Adidas superstar