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Saturday, December 26, 2015


Just when I was about to get out from the subway station the other day, a girl approaching me from behind and she was trying to tell something in French. But, at the end only one word that she spoke that I can understand 'Instagram' Arghhhh.. Then I realised maybe she is one of my follower on my Instagram. After that, I ask her, if she can talk in English..Then she told me, she is amazed with the picture I have on my Instagram. All beautiful Couldn't have much time talking to each other we both separately made a different direction out. 

This is how I felt after that. Inspired by the feedback make me feel that I should put more effort by making the best picture of my outfit either on my Instagram and my blogspot. I wish i have a personal photographer who can make picture for me. Somehow, I realised is not easy to produce my own photo. I really have to know the angle and at the same time I really have to stand at the focus I have put on my camera. If not, I have to repeat the same for. Maybe... 39x.. Is damn annoying and tiring 😓😓😓 

So, here are some of the outfit photo I have made for myself the other day. The dress is almost look like a DVF wrap dress but instead this dress I bought 6 month ago during summer sales period from andthe other stories store in Brussels. You know as a person who like discount, haha this one cost me only €17 from the total amount of €70. Good purchase, I love the cute print, in grey, made from high quality cotton and It is super comfortable to wear and adding to that it came together with the tie that I can wrap all around my waist. I've paired it with my grey cardigan that almost have the same length as the dress. So, enjoy everyone!

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