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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Is de maat goed Mevrouw/Mhr? (Is the size good Sir/Madam)
Zoekt u een specifieks modeel Mvr/Mhr? (Are you looking for specific model Sir/Madam?) 
Een ogenblikje Mevrouw... (Wait a moment Madam)
Ik zal u even tonen.. (I will show you)
Welke maat heeft u nu?? (What size do you have now?)

Yeah what was all this word about?? Haha.. Don't worry guys. This are some of the knowledge i have learned during my course at the institution i am registered since few month ago. This course i am following purely 100% in Nederland language. Haha.. I am hoping my teacher is reading this article because she have to know how serious i am in this course. 

So, the first outfit look for the month of December. Times flies and in 1 more week from now we are going to be in new chapter of year. Ive felt like just in a blink of eyes. Felt like 2 month ago was just yesterday. I can still remember during this time i was with my little daughter for a month getaway in Malaysia. Owhhh i miss those moment and time. Perhaps i could go home someday soon to see my family and friends. 

Same colour background, just to match with the outfit i have worn the other day. Uiiii.. Uiii.. Why? There no reason behind it. Did not even notice until i return home and seeing all the photo. Mix and match as usual just the different is my Vintage sweater I've bought month ago at Think Twice Leuven and cost me only €1. So i am done. Till next time. Bye