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Friday, December 25, 2015


In this social media world, there are plenty of opportunity i can always have. Especially as a blogger i am always using this platform to make a new social contact. Having to have almost 12000 followers on my instagram account, hurmmmm.. Yeah, then i was thinking why not i use this as a platform and to make little bit more effort by making some picture for them and at the same time i can get to know them in real. You never know, stranger at first and then, if we are comfortable around each other.. Things can be good. A friend for second then later on a real friendship.. It wasnt just that. They will be featured on my instagram and my blogspot with their fashion taste. Definitely with plenty of beautiful pictures.

So this are some of the picture i made last weekend day during our photo shoot in Ghent. Interested of knowing who they are?

Here are their instagram account link.
Gunsnblackroses own 2850 followers as of today
Yeezawz own 1500 followers as of today 

Fashionist and fashionista enough even in real.. Their sense of fashion. Super stylish, sporty and they both love black. Timeless color for all classy people. Hihi.. Yeah i realized, Belgian love black a lots. So they you go. Ok is almost 3 in the morning already. I better go. I hope I am one of their santaclaus for today. Haha.. You know what i mean guys. Hoping you both satisfied enough with the result. xx