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Sunday, December 27, 2015


The other day when my husband did some laundry, by accident he putting one of my vintage sweater inside the dry machine at a maximum heat for 1hr 40min. Owhhhh.. I was really sad, that this beautiful
knit sweater goes double than the original size itself. Almost having fight with my hubby, hahahahaha.l then I realised.... Ehhhh wait, this could maybe turn into something else. So, I use some of my imagination and creativity to change the look of the knit sweater and now it became an overdose knit sweater dress. 

So, as normal, I do play with mix and match except my 'new' vintage trench jacket that  recently bought at melting pot kilo shop in Brussels. CosT me at only €13. Owhhh. It gave a really beautiful contra, everything so well blended. Brown, little bit of light yellow and dark blue on my scarf.. Just perfect for dark, cold and windy winter in here. 

So, here are some of the photo I have made the other day. So, what do you think?

I've worn : 
Yellow polkadot scarf : Zara 
Camel brown Jacket : Vintage Melting pot kilo 
Knit sweater : Vintage meltingpot kilo 
Sneakers : Adidas Superstar 
Eyewear : Fendi 
Handbag : Vintage Delvaux 

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