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Friday, April 3, 2015


No matter how much this unsecured feeling I had sometimes when I put my outfit on.. What can I say.. My day have to go on to isn't it? I have to keep moving and and try to keep that unsecured feeling out from my soul. 

However, have you ever seen how usually pencil skirt being worn? If you does, I am quite sure you know which Hollywood celebrity often showing their sexy beautiful figure on the screen and tabloid. If u know what I am talking about... Yes they is.. Kardashians family. From their  momager Kris Jerner then goes to Kim,Kourtney,Khloe,Kendal and Kylie... Yes.. I would consider all of them as #pencilskirtqueens






It is sophisticated, elegant, feminin,sexy yet chic, fancy, classy and sassy!! It can just be so perfect for any body figure. From big A Plus figure until medium then as skinny as you are! U just have to know which and what is the perfect pattern,cutting and fabric that suit you the most!! Good for formal executive wear for your executive working lifestyle, cosy casual night life outing or even attending formal red carpet event... Anything as you could ask... Just fabulous.  

Below is some pictures of my pencil skirt outfit I worn few days ago. To show the version of how I am doing with my pencil skirt outfit. Trying to run away with the idea of wearing heel, I've put on my sneaker nike airforce1 instead. As simple as that!Isn't it fun?? Hihi.. even I'm feeling little bit unsecured by how it look on camera. 

Some item that I would like to recommand that to all of you.. Incase u are interested of having them. Since what I've worn is from the old collection of river island but I still manage to some of the similar pieces on their website.riverisland skirts. Just click the link and everything will pop out!  

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