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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It got to be kidding rite? Hahaha.. Why doing grocery i also have to post on my blog?? Here is the answer.. To be honest, supposedly it has always been.. Picture as a story and also to let you see how my living life here. I don't really want people saying that i am only showing all my stuff and there is no other contain i make other than the outfit i wear. So, here is the story. Monday blues for me today because i am kind of lazy to dress up and putting any make up on my face. Ive only took half hour to get ready (excluded shower time) then i off from the house to the Carrefour near my town. Little after Ive done with my groceries then decided to play little light camera and action. Although time is little short due to some reason i still manage to make some of my picture. So you can later see how my do and how my little town look like.  

Kelakor ek.. Kenapa pergi beli barang runcit pun nak letak dlm blog? Haaa ni jawapannya.. saya nak buat macam gambar ni sebagai satu cerita.. and just nak bagi org tengok macam mana cara hidup saya dekat sini. Basically tak ade beza pun kalau nak bandingkan dekat Malaysia. Sama aje. Jugak saya tak nak nanti orang cakap saya ni menunjuk and takde apa2 isi pun dalam gambar gambar saya. Ceritanye cani, hari senin kan, mesti la monday blues? Betul dok? Hahah.. Sama la macam saya. Malas nak dress up and make up. Amik masa setengah jam je untuk siap (tak masuk mandi) then pastu pergi la carrefour dekat pekan tu. Lepas siap beli barang ape semua, then amik gambar la ape lagi. Walaupun masa agak singkat tapi saya masih lagi blh amik gmbr. So nati boleh tgok gmbr apa yang saya pakai then macam mana keadaan dekat pekan saya. Hihih.. Ok bye. Nati saya cite lagi ok.

I am wearing :
Pants : Zara
T- Shirt : No label
Faux Leather Jacket : Zara
Sneakers : Nike Af1

Small Carrefour 
The view from the outside
Macam macam ade.. Tapi ni cute gila
Takde JCO kat sini.. So cani aje style dunkin Donut
Also ada Halal section dekat Carrefour 
Otw balik 
Otw Balik Part 2
How i wish i have car
School childrens outing time
Fashionista 1
Bike runner Abg Sado hehe
Fashionistas 2
Ehh jangan terbang.. Hehehe.. 
Back side 

And the jacket is almost out 
Monday blues look..
My friend said.. Be careful with my belly.. Hahah
And i said yeah.. She is rite
Left some outside 
But i am happy
I am stress free

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