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Friday, April 3, 2015


Hello everyone!!This is the first article of my collaboration project ever. Yes today story i am talking about NATTHIDA. Wait who is NATTHIDA? Yes, NATTHIDA is just a basic name in your eyes isn't it? Wait!! NATHIDDA is not just a name. NATTHIDA is a label for haute couture atelier boutique house based in Antwerp and NATTHIDA is also the CEO and a founder of her own label too and she is also a fashion designer! Isn't it interesting?

36years old, Thailand born women been living in Antwerp for already over 10 years. Yes! there plenty of thing to be proud about her. Not just about her own label, but more stories deeper. Regretting myself that I've not been asking her more detail about how did she start her own label but i am pretty sure to be at this level required many more energy and courage and if you asking me if i am proud of her? Yes i do!

Located at Kipdorvest 41 2000 at the fashion city of Belgium Antwerpen, Natthida is making exclusive handmade high quality evening, cocktail and wedding dresses. To give every of her client the bests quality and service is one of her principe. Adding on to that statement, she mention it would not be completely perfect on the product she make if she didn't have the passion of doing it. To make her name and her Label one of the successful brand all over the world is her first goal.

I was there at her boutique house last Tuesday to see more detail on her collection. I've discover some pieces and i managed to try one of it. without her hesitating of helping me with the fitting and with my cameraman is also ready for me. Indoor photo shoot is just enough since i worn this drop dead baby blue evening dress. Here some of the photo shoot pictures i would like to share. Maybe would give some idea about of who is NATTHIDA. More details about her can be find at Just click the link.

Thanks Natthida for make this happened and i was just an honour and unforgettable moment. I felt like i am a real princess on that beautiful creature of yours. Even just for 1 hour. Hihi!! xx

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