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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Few weeks ago when my ex classmate send me a message through my facebook and she informed me that she is coming over to Brussels and she need me to pick her up at the airport. Yes, during her arrival yesterday, this is my pick and mix of my monday outfit.

Ive picked my vintage overall i bought it from Melting pot kilo shop last year and believe it or not it is only cost me €9. On top of that i had this over sized hot fuchsia boyfriend blazer and yeah as well came from Melting pot kilo shop.. cost me €9 too! muehehehe.. isn't it worth it? Small price to pay for such a beautiful stuff. But the top I've worn it came from Zara that i bought during this year sales and cost me at only €7. To complete the look i had this beautiful red colour Vintage Lancel back pack and the hat i bought in Malaysia art market (pasar seni) Simple and affordable and yet chic and stylish.

Pictures are all taken by me using : samsungDV150F