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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Yeah... as you can see how the title of my new entry.. Actually this is the total look of my outfit I've worn last Monday during my visit at my grandparents for his 90th birthday celebration. Couldn't have enough chance to take a good shot after the party, so today I've again decided myself to wear this outfit so i can share some interesting point and view about this look.

As for me, it doesn't matter either new or old. It can be a big mistakes, sometimes if i buying new clothes but i did not really sure how to play with mix and match and what i can do with it. In this case, don't worry!! because i am not one of the type. Hi hi.. and how about you? Do you guys have problem on doing mix and match?

As you can see how i play with the outfit. Urban and versatile, because of the white colour boyish over sized shirt i had on me. At the same time i also had some vintage touch on my over sized skirt i bought it at MeltingPotKiloshop cost me only at €5. But was that skirt look old on me although it was from the vintage store? Judge me please.. He he..

As you can see later i style up my shirt one part inside and the other is outside. I unbutton some part of my shirt and i slip that part inside my skirt. I am also make sure the back side of my shirt is also at the outside of my skirt. I had this blue trench colour trench coat i bought from Guess boutique during sales last year and to complete the look i had this scarf gift from my grandma last 2 years ago during my first visit in Belgium!

Picture taken by me using my old SamsungDV150F. This view were all from the other side of my neighbourhood area. Enjoy scrolling loves!! xx